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Dog Shot By Real Estate Agent


A dog endured severe injuries after getting shot by a real estate agent in Iowa. The incident took place last week when a family had invited the agent for a house tour. The incident was deemed as self-defense by the authorities.

Family says real estate agent kicked, shot dog

The family in Shenandoah reported that their Australian Shepherd and Beagle mix dog sustained “serious wounds” after a real estate agent shot the canine, as per WSFA. The realtor was called to their home on Thursday, Feb. 22, for a tour of the property, authorities confirmed. 

Initially, the family had put their pet dog in the basement as a precautionary measure. 

During the home tour, the real estate agent requested to see the basement. As a result, the homeowner’s daughter brought the dog outdoors. After seeing the basement, as the agent walked towards the backyard, his presence startled the dog, who broke free from their leash and approached the agent while barking, authorities said. 

According to neighbors, the real estate agent kicked the dog as they continued to approach him. Then, he shot the animal. 

Since the real estate agent, who had a concealed carry permit, reacted after feeling threatened, the county attorney classified the incident as an act of self-defense, authorities stated.

On the other hand, the family asserted the dog exhibited no behavior warranting being shot. Additionally, the mother has a fear of guns. Thus, she would not have permitted the agent into their home if she had been aware of his firearm. 

Despite the ordeal, the dog survived and received medical attention from a veterinarian. 

The family’s assertions that the dog posed no threat raise questions about the agent’s actions. In addition, it poses suspicions about the necessity of carrying a concealed weapon during a routine home visit. While authorities have classified the shooting as an act of self-defense, the emotional and physical toll on the family and their beloved pet cannot be understated. 


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