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Dog Rescued From Icy Pond in Utah

A dog in Utah has been rescued from an icy pond, reports Fox affiliate KSTU News. Bob ran into a pond in Davis County, following which he was unable to get out of it. Subsequently, firefighters were called in, and after a while, they managed to get hold of the pup and reunite him with his owners.

Firefighter saves dog from freezing pond

North Davis Fire District put up a post on Facebook, along with a video, showing the rescue efforts. “Bob the dog loves the water but the ice shelf prevented him from being able to get out after his polar plunge,” it reads.

After the crew arrived, one member, named Logan, wore a dry suit tied to a rope rig. He then proceeded to approach the dog, while the rest of the crew remained on the shore. The canine initially seemed hostile towards the man who was trying to rescue him. Although officers on the shore tried to calm the pup down, Bob continued barking at him.

Logan managed to get hold of the dog, who initially tried to bite him. Eventually, the crew on the shore managed to pull both Bob and Logan back to safety using the rope. Afterward, the dog ran towards his owners, who were delighted to be reunited with their pet.

“Please be safe with your pets and children as ice conditions are still not as safe as we’d like them to be,” the fire department warned.

Another similar incident of a dog falling through ice

In another similar incident, a dog was rescued after falling through thin ice in Colorado, as per CBS affiliate KKTV News. The incident took place at Nancy Lewis Park in Colorado Springs. According to authorities, the pup had “wandered out onto the ice and fell through.” Fortunately, firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and managed to get the dog to safety.

Such incidents serve as a reminder to pet parents to ensure their dogs remain on leash when they go for a walk. During winter, it becomes even more important because your dog may get stuck in icy water while running off-leash.

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