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Dog Rescued From Drowning by Passerby in Colchester, UK


In a heartwarming act of bravery, a courageous individual emerged as a beacon of hope in Colchester, United Kingdom. A man named Tom Banks rescued a helpless dog from the brink of drowning by jumping into the river.

Rosie the Rottweiler saved from drowning in Colchester river

Passersby at King Edward Quay were startled to find Rosie, a Rottweiler and Douge de Bourdeaux mix, trapped in mud. Tom Banks, 31, who was out for a stroll with his family and their two-year-old Tibetan Terrier, spotted the distressed pup. He sprang into action without hesitation, plunging into the River Colne to rescue her.

He successfully untangled Rosie from the reeds ensnaring the canine. In addition, he managed to extract her from the quay with the assistance of a rope fastened around his waist. 

Banks recounts the encounter, saying, “Initially, I spotted a gathering of individuals across the river whom I mistook for bird watchers … As I approached, their distressed voices became evident, and that’s when I noticed Rosie ensnared amidst the reeds in the river.”

According to Banks, even though the fire brigade was on its way, he chose not to waste time. “I decided to jump into the river straight away … the tide was rising, so I thought it was now or never.” He further noted, “Fortunately, someone else was there with a rope that I could put around my waist … so grateful to have had help.”

Even though Banks showed no hesitation in jumping into the river, he admits to feeling a tinge of apprehension. He realized the canine was larger than expected and may not respond kindly towards him. However, Rosie behaved amicably towards her rescuer. 

Furthermore, Banks acknowledged rescuing Rosie felt incredibly rewarding. After helping the drowning canine, he and others showered her with dog treats. 

Following her rescue, the Rottweiler received veterinary attention, where she remained under medical care for several nights. Subsequently, she was transferred to the Colchester dog wardens, and eventually, K9 Colchester Dog Rescue retrieved her. 

You can support Rosie’s recovery by visiting their GoFundMe page. Make a donation here. 


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