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Dog Rescued From Coyote Trap Adopted

A dog has found a new home in a heartwarming turn of events after being caught in a coyote trap. The resilient canine suffered injury from a bullet wound and was found in the coyote trap. A shelter rescued the dog, and now, she has found a new loving home through adoption.

Nadia the dog adopted after being shot, caught in coyote trap, and having leg amputated

Nadia is a dog who endured being shot in the leg and ensnared in a coyote trap, but she has now found a new home through adoption, as Western Mass News reports. After being discovered in the trap, Adams County SPCA rescued the canine. Subsequently, Nadia’s examination revealed she suffered a gunshot wound about three weeks prior, necessitating the amputation of her front right leg. 

The organization describes witnessing Nadia’s transformation as she gradually opens up and becomes more confident as a fulfilling experience.

In addition, they wrote in a Facebook post, “She truly is one of the nicest dogs we have ever had here!”

Nadia is now in a home with three other Great Pyrenees friends, as per Northern News Now, and she will spend the rest of her life with them and her new loving parents. 

According to the shelter, “She will be spoiled rotten for the rest of her life, and she deserves that!”

Traps can be a lethal danger to dogs

Snares, foothold traps, and body-gripping traps can cause serious injury to your pet or may even kill them. Hence, it is necessary to avoid such traps as much as possible, according to Montana Outdoors.

Make sure your dog stays near you. This decreases their chances of getting stuck in a trap or snare. However, even if a trap catches them, you can quickly free them. Most dogs caught in these traps are ones allowed to roam unsupervised off-leash. Some wide-ranging bird-hunting dogs also get trapped as they are often out of sight of their owners.

If you have concerns about traps or snares in areas where you hunt, hike, or cross-country ski, it’s advisable to keep your dog on a leash or at least within sight.

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