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Dog Rescued From Cheese Ball Container Seeks Forever Home

A dog who got his head stuck inside a cheese ball container is now eligible for adoption. A nonprofit rescue in Carleton, Michigan, hopes the dog, named Cheeto, will find his forever home soon.

Dog that got stuck in cheese ball container rescued

While the idea of a dog getting their head stuck inside a cheese ball container might seem funny, it actually could have been fatal. According to the Detroit Free Press, Cheeto was without food and water for around three days as a result of the ordeal.

Cheeto arrived at Last Stop Animal Rescue & Sanctuary thanks to a good Samaritan who found the dog with his head wedged inside the plastic container. Tom Walk, who runs the rescue with his wife, Sue, posted a video of Cheeto’s plight on Facebook.

“This pup’s been out on the run — we don’t know how long — but we know he’s had the jug on his head for three days,” Walsh said on the video. “He was probably right down to the wire.”

The couple cut the plastic container from the dog’s head. Cheeto immediately sought out water and food.

“He seems to be OK, now,” Tom Walsh said. “You can see his ribs, but he’s a great pup.”

Rescued dog recovering on farm

Cheeto came to the rescue underweight at 60 to 70 pounds. He also had fleas, worms, and possibly mild carbon monoxide poisoning. He did not have any ID or a microchip. His age is approximately 18 months to 2 years old. The pup appears to be a Great Pyrenees-German Shepherd mix. The dog appears to know the commands “sit” and “shake.”

Cheeto is eligible for adoption through the rescue. Until his forever family steps forward, the pup will live among the 75 dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, and ducks living on the rescue’s 12-acre farm located midway between Romulus and Monroe.

“If you see the animals, it just breaks your heart,” Tom Walsh told the Detroit Free Press. “We both grew up in the country around animals, and it just comes naturally that you want to see them treated right. It’s not like we don’t have stuff in our life.”

The couple is hosting a fundraiser for the rescue on Oct. 24 from 5 – 9 p.m. at Sneaky’s Sports Bar & Grill in Woodhaven. Proceeds will pay for vet bills, immunizations, and food for the animals in the rescue’s care.

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