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Dog Narrowly Survives Backyard Mountain Lion Attack


A 3-year-old dog in La Verne, Southern California, escaped death by a whisker after a mountain lion attacked her in the backyard of her home. Security cameras captured the chilling moment when the mountain lion pounced on the 93-pound dog.

Giant Schnauzer attacked by mountain lion, survives

CBS Los Angeles reports that the attack happened on Saturday, Feb. 10, shortly before 9 p.m. The owners of the dog — a Giant Schnauzer named Holly — had let their pup outside in the backyard. Moments later, a mountain lion appeared and began attacking Holly.

Surveillance footage shows the dog struggling to fend off the predator for close to 48 seconds. Neighbors witnessing the ongoing attack let out screams to distract and chase away the mountain lion.

Thankfully, the loud noises worked. Holly managed to free herself and bolt back to the house. Determined to pursue its prey once more, the powerful feline came back to the residence 20 minutes later in search of Holly.

Although the poor dog sustained a gush to her neck from the attack, it’s a miracle she survived. She was treated and is currently recuperating at home. La Verne residents are now sharing the clip of the attack to caution those living in Southern California — particularly people with pets or kids — to beware of the presence of mountain lions.

Watch the video below:

Monique Olmedo, a La Verne resident, told the news outlet: “It’s frightening, because I have this tiny little dog here, a tiny teacup Yorkie, and obviously we don’t let her out, especially at night.”

Security cameras recently captured another mountain lion roaming the streets of Lake Elsinore, California, which is about 40 miles away from La Verne. It was around 9 p.m. at the time. Lake Elsinore residents expressed worry over the frequent sightings of the fierce predator, more so in the early hours of the night.

“Bunnies by the hundreds out here. But, we’ve never seen a mountain lion, especially this close to our house,” Valerie Chapman, a resident of the area, said. “Usually, you’d see that in the middle of the night,” he added.


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