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Dog Mom Pulls Dachshund Out of Daycare After Viewing CCTV


The whole point of doggy daycare is for your canine companion to socialize and enjoy some stimulation while you do whatever it is you need to do dog-free. But what if your dog went to doggy daycare and, instead of playing, sadly sat in the corner? That’s what happened to a Dachshund named Snoopy on his first day of doggy daycare. And after seeing video of his unhappiness via CCTV, a dog mom pulled the pup out of the facility.

Sad dachshund at doggy daycare goes viral

According to Newsweek, Snoopy is a 7-year-old rescue pup from Texas.

“We rescued Snoopy when he was 5 years old, and can definitely say he prefers human interactions,” dog mom Angelica told Newsweek. “He can be a bit awkward and unsure on how to interact with other dogs.”

So, she enrolled Snoopy in doggy daycare. On the Doxie’s first day, Angelica checked out the live stream of the daycare – and discovered her fur baby sitting alone in the corner!

“Checking to see how my dog is doing at his new daycare,” the text on a TikTok video of the footage reads.

“Safe to say we never went back,” the caption concluded.

The post went viral, and hundreds of dog lovers commented.

“Oh my heart hurts,” one wrote.

“I would just have to cry myself to sleep,” another sympathized.

“If I saw this I would have stopped whatever I was doing to take back my dog,” someone else insisted.

Angelica replied, “I literally did, it was a FAMILY EMERGENCY.”

Dog mom decides to pull dog out of daycare

Snoopy had apparently been to other doggy daycares. Angelica told Newsweek she had received positive feedback on his experiences at the other facilities.

“This was our first experience with a doggy day care with CCTV, so it made me really sad to think about all the other times my pup was apart,” the dog mom told Newsweek.

Obviously, after seeing how Snoopy reacted to being at daycare at the location with CCTV, she pulled him out.

“We realized he doesn’t mind spending time alone, so staying at home works best for us,” Angelica said.

While many supported the dog mom’s decision, TikTok commenters with doggy daycare experience offered another perspective.

“As someone who works in a daycare I can say some dogs just prefer being alone,” one wrote.

“Dogs do this at my daycare I manage at,” another shared. “Perfectly normal, it’s just what they prefer, just like people. We call these puppies wallflowers.”

As with any decision regarding your dog, only you know what’s best for your pup.


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