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Dog Missing Since Fatal Interstate Crash Found


A South Carolina animal search crew has found one of the dogs who went missing after a fatal Interstate Crash in Greenville, South Carolina, WYFF 4 News reports.

Unfortunately, three people lost their lives in the deadly multi-vehicle crash that occurred on Sunday, Dec. 10. One of the victims, 45-year-old Sharae Deneen Green, had her family members and two dogs in her vehicle at the time of the accident. There was also a python that went missing from the car. Moreover, when responders arrived at the crash scene, the canines — namely Asta and Moon — were nowhere to be seen. 

Soon after, officials released photos of the missing dogs and sought community help locating them. That’s when Anakin’s Trails Animal Search crew stepped in. 

Thankfully, the search crew reported finding Atsa near the interstate on Monday afternoon. Confirming the good news, one crew member, Ashley Raymond, said, “Asta was very hungry but otherwise appeared to be unharmed.” 

The search team later shared Asta’s health update on Facebook, stating he sustained trauma bruising on his intestines from the crash and was being treated for dehydration. They will care for him in the meantime while his other family members, who survived the crash, recover in hospital. 

As for the other dog, Moon, the crew has yet to find her. 

Search for second missing dog continues

Anakin’s Trails Animal Search crew said there have been several reported sightings of Moon since the interstate crash, including her being spotted in a resident’s yard. The crew stated that getting hold of Moon is challenging since she is easily startled compared to Asta. 

“She’s alive, she’s safe, she’s smart, but she’s scared,” the team shared. 

On Tuesday, they were able to locate Moon’s “den” in the woods using a drone. They took Asta to the site to help lure Moon, who took off when she saw them. 

While speaking to FOX Carolina News, the search team said Moon seems to be battling “Lost Dog Syndrome,” whereby a lost dog goes into flight mode and flees from everyone — even their owner — out of fear.

The crew has placed traps near the trails Moon is likely traveling on. They are hoping she eventually trusts them and comes to them. Thankfully, the dog is microchipped.

“We have to do this on her terms,” the rescuers shared. “She has been traveling these trails for the last three days.” 


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