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Dog Missing After Fleeing Fireworks

A dog in Louisiana has been missing after fleeing New Year’s fireworks, reports Nola.com. 2-year-old Xena, a Doberman Pinscher, disappeared from her home on New Year’s Eve after she was let outside by her owner, Paul Strohmeyer, to go to the bathroom. When the dog did not return after a while, Strohmeyer went outside to check and found she had escaped.

Missing dog’s family continues search after more than 10 days

Xena’s disappearance has left her family devastated as they continue to look for her 12 days after the incident. They’ve been posting fliers and sharing social media posts ever since the dog went missing. The family also hired a company that uses thermal-imaging drones to help locate the canine in wooded areas.

“We were able to get thermal images of lots of other animals — but no Xena,” Strohmeyer said. “Of course, every time we’ve gotten a clue it’s been a day late.” Continuing, he shared, “But we have to take every lead.”

Strohmeyer described his pet as “a real couch potato” who loves spending time indoors. He said when the pup did not return after going to the bathroom, the family “really didn’t think of much of it.” They hoped Xena would ultimately come home.

Although the family has yet to receive any update about the dog, Strohmeyer said he’s glad several groups on social media have been spreading the news. “The response has been pretty incredible. I’ve been so surprised,” he shared. “It’s the thing that’s keeping us going.”

Apart from Xena, the family also has another pet, a rescue dog named Jenny, with whom the Doberman Pinscher gets along quite well. “They’re like our kids,” Strohmeyer said. “Jenny is her big sister.”

Dogs’ sensitivity to fireworks

Dogs are known to be highly sensitive to fireworks. They tend to perceive fireworks as threats, and, as a result, may look to hide or run away from their homes when they hear loud bursts.

In order to avoid incidents like the one in Louisiana, pet parents must prepare their dogs for fireworks well in advance. One of the ways is to try and desensitize your pet to loud noises. In addition, it’s also important to ensure pups are microchipped in case they do bolt out the door.

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