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Dog Left Chained to Tree in Rising Flood Waters Rescued

Deputies with the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) in South Carolina rescued a dog left chained to a tree in rising flood waters this past weekend, WCBD News reports.

On Dec. 17, two GCSO deputies responded to reports of a dog barking in distress at a flooded lot. Upon arrival, they found the canine — whose breed remains publicly unknown — chained to a nearby tree while standing in high water resulting from a storm. Shockingly, the water had risen to her shoulders. 

In an incident report, the deputies stated, “The doghouse provided for the animal was submerged to the point where only approximately a couple of inches of the opening of the house could be seen.”

It was still raining heavily when deputies began their rescue mission. Without wasting time, one deputy waded through the high water and unchained the distressed dog. He then attached a leash to her collar, as per WBTW News13 reporting, and led her to their patrol car. 

Owner of dog left chained to tree arrested

Initially, the deputies wanted to transport the canine to an animal shelter within the area: Saint Frances Animal Center. Unfortunately, the road leading to the shelter had flooded and, therefore, was closed. 

For this reason, the deputies went with the dog to the sheriff’s office and held her in one of their open K-9 kennels, where they offered her food and water.

GCSO Animal Control took the dog to St. Frances the next day, where she currently is.

Thankfully, the sheriff’s office later found the dog’s owner, whom they identified as Roosevelt Chandler III. Chandler claimed he left the dog chained outside his home, only to find her missing. He alleges the canine got off the chain. 

Nonetheless, authorities arrested and booked Chandler at the Georgetown County Detention Center on an animal cruelty charge. He has since been released on a $2,500 bond. 

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