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Dog in Crate Dies During Florida Garage Fire


A dog in a crate died after a fire engulfed a garage outside of Miami, Florida, on Thursday morning. Rescuers were unable to save the trapped dog.

Firefighters unable to save dog trapped in crate

According to CBS News, a fire ignited in the garage at 851 Hunting Lodge Drive sometime before 4:30 a.m. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the blaze.

“Our units found heavy fire coming from the garage side of the house. The wind exacerbated the fire and made it a little more difficult,” Miami-Fire Rescue Division Chief Marc Chavers said.

The fire apparently started in the garage. It burned through the garage door and damaged two cars parked in front by the time the firefighters arrived. A Tesla was also parked inside the garage. However, it is unclear if the Tesla was the cause of the fire.

“The only vehicle in the garage was a Tesla. It’s still under investigation but it appears it might have been coming from that area,” Chavers said.

The residents of the Virginia Gardens home included two adults and three teens. All escaped safely. However, the family dog was in a crate in the garage. Unable to escape, the dog died.

Eventually, firefighters stopped the blaze from spreading. About 40 percent of the large family home suffered significant damage.

Fire safety for dog parents

This sad story about a dog that died in a crate during a fire is a good reminder to start thinking about how you would respond in a similar situation.

If a fire breaks out in your home, your first priority should be the safety of both yourself and your furry companion. Follow these steps to protect your dog:

Stay calm: Maintain a level head to make clear decisions and keep your dog from getting anxious.

Leash and collar: Quickly secure your dog with a leash and collar to prevent them from fleeing in fear.

Evacuate: Exit your home immediately, keeping your dog on a short leash.

Call for help: Dial 911 or the emergency services in your area to report the fire.

Inform firefighters: If your dog does not make it outside with you, immediately inform firefighters when they arrive so they can help rescue your pet.

Never re-enter: Do not re-enter the burning building to rescue your dog. Leave this dangerous task to trained professionals.

Seek medical attention: If your dog inhales smoke or is injured, seek immediate veterinary care.

Prepare in advance by creating a fire safety plan and a pet emergency kit. Make sure your dog is microchipped and always wears identification tags. Being proactive can save both your and your dog’s lives in a fire emergency.


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