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Dog Helps Rescue Golden Retriever Struggling in UK Harbor


A Golden Retriever who fell in the cold waters of an Isle of Man harbor in the United Kingdom is lucky to be alive, thanks to their canine mate who “called” for help. The Golden Retriever was in the company of another dog, a Newfoundland, when they fell into the water.

‘Lucky’ Golden Retriever rescued from an Isle of Man harbor

As per BBC News, the incident occurred on Sunday, Mar. 17 at the Douglas Harbor. According to the news outlet, the Newfoundland alerted a passer-by to the Golden Retriever stranded in the cold waters. It appears that the Newfoundland realized their canine friend needed saving and, therefore, raised the alarm.

With the Newfoundland’s help, the passer-by was able to spot the Golden Retriever in the water and, without wasting time, swung into action.

First, the man called the Douglas Coastguard to report the incident before getting on a boat in the harbor so he could reach the Golden Retriever. In a life-saving move, the man held onto the pup while awaiting the Coastguard crew to arrive. Luckily, responders got there in time and carried the pup to safety.

A spokesperson with the Douglas Coastguard applauded the passer-by for his quick thinking, as this helped save the Golden Retriever from drowning or developing hypothermia. Reports say that when the Coastguard rescuers arrived, the pup “had begun [to] move with the flow of the river down the harbor and was starting to go under the water.”

In a statement, the Spokesperson shared: “We would like to thank the member of the public for his swift action, which undoubtedly saved the life of one very lucky dog.”

Both the Newfoundland and the Golden Retriever were taken to the Coastguard station. Luckily, authorities managed to locate the owner of the two pups.

As of now, it remains unclear how the canine wound up in the water.


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