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Dog Helps Police Rescue Owner From Frozen Michigan Lake 


A dog named Ruby is being hailed a hero for helping rescue her 65-year-old owner, who fell through the ice of a frozen Michigan Lake.

Ruby the dog helps police save owner

On January 18, Ruby teamed up with officers who responded to the scene to save the elderly man. Authorities said the man was in the company of Ruby when he accidentally fell into the freezing waters. 

According to The Guardian, worried bystanders called 911 to report the accident. Moments later, officers with the Michigan State Police arrived at the scene, among them Kammeron Bennetts, a motor carrier officer.

Immediately, Bennetts and his team sprung into action. They first attempted to throw a rope that had a rescue disc tethered to it toward the stranded man. Unfortunately, the rope couldn’t reach him. 

Wasting no time, Bennetts resorted to Plan B; using Ruby to hand the rescue disc over to her stranded owner. At this point, the canine stood above the icy surface next to her terrified human. 

Since officers couldn’t cross the frozen lake due to the risky icy surface, Bennetts requested the man to let Ruby come over to where the officers were. As soon as Bennetts called out Ruby’s name, the clever pup ran toward him. Soon after, Bennetts attached the tethered rescue disc to Ruby’s collar and asked the man to call the pup over. 

Surprisingly, a determined Ruby rushed back and delivered the rescue equipment to her owner. Following Bennetts’ instructions, the man held onto the tethered rescue disc while kicking his legs to get out of the freezing waters. 

Thankfully, officers were able to pull and drag him to safer grounds. He was rushed to hospital and has since been discharged. 

Dog saving man from Michigan lake video

The entire rescue was captured on video through Officer Bennetts’ body camera, footage of which can be viewed below.

The Michigan State Police took to X to share the video alongside a post applauding Ruby and the entire team for their swift, heroic efforts. 


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