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Dog Helps Make Horse’s Bed in Cute TikTok Video

It is always endearing to watch animals help out each other. However, sometimes it can be more funny than emotional. In a viral TikTok video, a little dog helps make a horse bed. All he needed was his little paws and a high amount of energy.

Watch as this Springer Spaniel assists in making a horse’s bed

In a hilarious TikTok video, a mischievous Springer Spaniel dog called Vic helps his owner make fresh bedding for the horses. Vic distributes the shavings by jumping on them. The dog parent captured his high energy and adorable antics. Additionally, they edited it to make an extremely funny video that has the entire TikTok in laughing fits.

Watch the amusing TikTok here:

The TikTok begins with Vic tearing open the bags of horse bedding shavings. Meanwhile, the text overlay said, “Today all the horses got fresh new bedding.” Then, viewers see the dog proceeding to jump up and down on the shavings with extra high energy and vigor. He also used his paws to spread the shavings. As a result, he helped distribute shavings in the stable for the horses. The text over the video changed to “Best little helper.” Surely, that’s the fastest way to make the horse bedding.

With more than 16 million views and over 197K likes, the video is a hit among TikTok users. It was shared on @kariannesamal‘s account on the platform. The account has 11.5K followers and they frequently post videos of their working Spaniel dog, Vic.

Moreover, the video also boasts over 700 comments. One of the commenters, Alexia, said, “This is the faster shaving distributer I know. He get down. He don’t play?” Another user, kale, humorously wrote, “Showing this to my dog, he needs to get a job.” Ashley Norton praised the dog, saying, “He understood the assignment.”

This TikTok serves as a delightful reminder of the unexpected ways our furry friends can bring joy and assistance into our lives. Whether it’s lending a paw or simply brightening our day with their playful antics, our beloved pets never cease to amaze us with their charming behavior.

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