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Dog Found With Maggot-Infested Neck Injury in South Carolina


In a shocking story out of Charleston, South Carolina, a dog was recently found with a maggot-infested neck injury. In response, the Charleston Animal Society is offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest of the person responsible for the dog.

Dog with embedded collar now infested with maggots

According to Live 5 WCSC, the black-and-white pup, named Tillson, was discovered in downtown Charleston recently. Tillson had a neck injury, the result of an embedded collar. Unfortunately, someone removed the collar, leaving an open wound. That wound became infested with maggots.

“What’s troubling about this case is that someone pulled that collar out and then left Tillson walking the streets of downtown Charleston alone, with only a dirty sheet covering his wound,” Aldwin Roman, the vice president of operations and strategy at the Charleston Animal Society, said. “We are doing everything we can to make sure his neck will heal and keep infection away.”

Shelter staff did a deep cleaning of the wound and are changing his bandages frequently. Tillson is also now on antibiotics. Additionally, staff examined the dog for other potentially fatal conditions and screened the dog for heartworm.

The search for the person responsible for Tillson’s condition continues.

“We are committed to stopping cruelty and to do so, we need the public’s help. If you can help us get the leads in this case, we know the police will do their best to find whoever did this,” Roman said.

Anyone with information regarding Tillson can contact Charleston City Animal Control at 843-743-7200.

Treating embedded collars

An embedded collar is when a collar becomes buried in a dog’s skin due to neglect or improper sizing. This condition may occur when a dog wears a collar for extended periods without adjustment as the dog grows. The collar becomes too tight and embeds in the skin. This can lead to painful wounds and infection.

Treating such wounds promptly and properly is crucial for the dog’s well-being. Neglecting embedded collars can result in severe tissue damage, inflammation, and even necrosis. Immediate attention and veterinary care are essential. A veterinarian can safely remove the collar, clean the wound, and administer antibiotics. Proper wound care not only alleviates the dog’s suffering but also prevents other potentially life-threatening complications.


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