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Dog Euthanized After Reportedly Being Paralyzed at Groomer


A heartbreaking incident at a Las Vegas grooming salon has left a dog owner devastated. The owner claims her beloved dog was paralyzed at the salon. Following this, she had no choice but to euthanize her pet.

Groomer allegedly paralyzed Maltese-Yorkie mix dog

After a visit to Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique in Las Vegas, Makisha Davis alleged that her cherished pet was left paralyzed. Due to this, she had to opt for the euthanization of Tuffy, a 4-year-old Maltese and Yorkie mix, as per KTNV.

Upon retrieving Tuffy in December 2023, Davis harbored concerns regarding an apparent injury sustained during a grooming session. This prompted a discussion with the salon staff. However, Davis claimed their response only intensified her frustration and anguish. 

Davis described the situation, “I’m looking at her [Tuffy’s] legs, and her legs are straight, not a bend to them at all.” Continuing, she added, “The lady [at the salon] says… ‘You gave her to us like this,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t. I did not give my dog to you like this.’”

Subsequently, a veterinarian visit revealed Tuffy had suffered a ruptured disk in her back, resulting in paralysis. Davis recounted how the veterinarian informed her that the required surgery would come with a hefty price tag of over $10,000. This left the dog owner with a difficult choice.

As a result, Davis had to put down her furry friend.

Despite Davis reporting the incident to animal control, she was informed there was nothing that could be done due to a lack of evidence.

In a similar incident, Margarita Bicana received the same response three years ago when her dog Turbina allegedly suffered a fracture in their jaw at this grooming salon only.

The grooming salon now has several 1-star reviews on Google. Multiple pet owners have shared images, videos, and comments, blaming the staff for their pets’ injuries. 

According to the salon owner, these accusations are false.  


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