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Dog Enjoys Limo Ride to New Home After Years in the Shelter

After living in a shelter for nearly two years, a Pit Bull named Chester was adopted and treated to luxury in Ohio. Chester spent a staggering 587 days at Euclid Animal Shelter, patiently awaiting his forever home. Recently, after adoption, the dog got to enjoy a glamorous limo ride to his new home.

Rescue dog gets limo ride to new home after nearly 2 years in shelter

A resilient rescue Pit Bull has finally found his ticket to a good life after spending 587 days in a shelter. FOX News 8 reported that Chester had been waiting for a loving family to adopt him for nearly two years. On social media, Euclid Pet Pals announced on Mar. 18, “CHESTER IS GOING HOME!!!!!!” 

A woman named Lauren Reitsman adopted this four or five-year-old canine companion. In fact, she whisked him away from shelter walls in a lavish limo, marking the beginning of his newfound journey in comfort and care. 

Additionally, Euclid Pet Pals delightedly posted a video capturing Chester’s extraordinary moment, as per People. In the footage, Chester emerges from the shelter to a jubilant crowd eagerly awaiting him next to the limousine. Lake Erie Limo generously donated their vehicle for Chester’s grand ride. 

Kyrie Brickman, the shelter’s kennel manager, disclosed that Chester and three other dogs were found chained to a window. Moreover, they had been abandoned for a week in an empty house. 

Brickman also described Chester’s condition at that time. She said, “Chester was completely skin and bones; the dog couldn’t even lay down. He had his paw stuck in a prong collar … He had to be carried out … because he could not stand.”

Continuing, she recounted Chester was absolutely relieved to see people, and according to her, he may not have lived long enough after that. Luckily, with the shelter’s care, he gradually regained his weight and strength over a span of 10 months and continued to reside at the shelter until he captured Reitsman’s heart. 

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