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Dog Brothers Reunited After 14 Years Apart


In a heartwarming turn of events, two dog brothers, separated 15 years ago after an adoption from a shelter, have unexpectedly been reunited in Evesham.

Dog brothers, Buddy and Chance, reunited in the UK

The canine siblings, Buddy and Chance, were reunited after they stumbled upon each other during a routine walk with their owners in Evesham and instantly began to play with one another.

Laura Van Toller, Buddy’s owner, and Amy Manning, Chance’s owner, encountered each other while taking their dogs for a separate walk. They both adopted their pups from the Evesham Dogs Trust.

Turning 15 in March, the pair have been unknowingly living close to each other almost their entire lives. Following this unexpected reunion, their respective owners have resolved to maintain contact and celebrate the canine brothers’ birthdays together henceforth.

In a chat with BBC Hereford & Worcester, Van Toller described the incident as “bonkers.” She said, “We went for a walk up Bideford Meadow, just up the road from Evesham, and we went in the park and there was a dog that looked a little like Buddy.” They saw each other and started playing. “It was like some weird connection,” she said.

The two pet parents struck up a conversation and discovered their connection. “I just can not believe it, they are both going to be 15 in March and what a coincidence,” stated Van Toller. She added that had she not chosen to walk her dog in the park that Saturday afternoon, their paths may never have crossed.

Meanwhile, Manning expressed her wish for the two dogs to keep in touch, saying that it would be “lovely.”


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