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Dog Attack Victim Shows Progress After Losing Nose & Undergoing 10 Surgeries

A Pennsylvania woman who survived a brutal dog attack that left her with severe facial injuries has made remarkable progress ever since. 

Dog ripped off 26-year-old’s nose 

In April 2022, 26-year-old Jordan Wilson was mauled by a Boerboel inside the home of her brother-in-law. On that day, Wilson and her partner were catching up with his brother’s family, who owned the dog. Suddenly, the dog lunged at her.

“We had just returned home from dinner and we were all sitting together on the floor,” Wilson narrated. “The dog was on a leash at the time because he was known to be quite territorial.” (via Daily Mail)

Moments later, the dog leaned onto her as though wanting to lick her face. Suddenly, the canine sunk his teeth into her nose and clamped tight, refusing to let go. She wrestled to break free but, unfortunately, couldn’t. By the time the dog got off her, a huge chunk of her nose was missing, and she was bleeding heavily. 

“When the owner finally managed to get him off me, I remember holding my face and seeing blood pouring down,” Wilson shared. Wasting no time, her boyfriend and his family rushed her to the emergency room.

Dog attack victim underwent 10 surgeries

The vicious attack created a long road to recovery for Wilson. She also encountered a few major setbacks in the beginning.

For instance, she initially needed to undergo a forehead flap, a surgical procedure that involves using a portion of the skin on the forehead to reconstruct a nasal defect. Unfortunately, it was hard for her to find surgeons who could perform this type of reconstructive surgery. 

After several declined appointments, Wilson finally found a Dallas-based surgeon specializing in the procedure. This marked the start of her healing journey. 

A brave Wilson documents her recovery on her TikTok account, revealing she has so far undergone 10 reconstructive surgeries. She attributes her speedy recovery mainly to her optimistic mindset and strong support system. 

“I quickly accepted the reality that I would never have the same face again, and as a result, I haven’t spent a lot of time being overly depressed about the situation,” Wilson shared.

Despite everything, Wilson chose not to let the horrific, life-changing attack stop her from making the most out of her life. She is now a mum after she and her partner welcomed their first child late last year.  

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