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Dog Abuser Banned From Owning Dogs After ‘Sitting On’ Staffy


A man from Kidlington, U.K., has been banned from owning dogs for five years after he was found guilty of abusing his Staffordshire Bull Terrier and dragging the dog by their collar. 

Shockingly, the man — identified as 42-year-old Daniel Bayley — further physically abused the pup by intentionally sitting on them. 

What was Daniel Bayley charged with?

During his hearing on Jan. 16, an Oxford Magistrate Court Judge charged Bayley with “one count of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal,” as reported by the Oxford Mail. 

Bayley’s charges are in line with the U.K.’s Animal Welfare Act 2006, which prohibits any form of animal cruelty. The Act requires pet owners to protect their animals from unnecessary pain, injury, and suffering. Moreover, the court ordered Bayley to pay a £200 fine, £85 for court costs, and an additional £80 victim fine surcharge.  

What happened to his Staffordshire Bull Terrier? 

It’s still unclear what injuries, if any, the dog — named Bailey — sustained from the beating. Thankfully, authorities seized the poor pup from the cruel owner before it was too late. 

As of now, Bailey has yet to find a new home. The dog’s ordeal comes almost two weeks after authorities arrested a dog trainer caught on video mistreating a German Shepherd. 

Cases of dogs undergoing abuse in the hands of their owners have become rampant. Unfortunately, most witnesses go without reporting such crimes. As a result, not all abused dogs get lucky enough to find the help they need. 

For this reason, it’s always important to report any suspicions of neglect or animal cruelty to authorities. Speaking out on behalf of mistreated dogs is not only a humane thing to do, but also a moral responsibility, given that animals cannot help themselves in such situations. 

Some of the common signs of animal abuse or neglect include poor body state, obvious physical distress, chains around the animal’s neck, and too many animals living in a dilapidated environment.  


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