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Do Saint Bernards Protect Their Owners & Make Good Guards Dogs?


Often described as a drooler par excellence, there’s no denying that the Saint Bernard appears majestic at first glance. It’s hard not to obsess over their tri-colored coats, powerful build, drooping ears, and hanging jowls.

Like any Saint Bernard owner will tell you, this breed will not only take up a lot of space in your house, but also your heart. The big question, though, is, are they protective and do they make great guard dogs? Let’s explore.

Are Saint Bernards known for protecting their owners?

The short answer is yes, Saint Bernards are highly protective of their owners. This breed is affectionate, caring, gentle, and loyal to their owners.

They have strong protective instincts and aren’t afraid of putting themselves in harm’s way to defend their loved ones. Saint Bernards are protective companions to their immediate family members, including kids, since they are naturally driven to intervene in the event of a threat.

Is a Saint Bernard a good choice as a guard dog?

If you’re looking for a great family pet that doubles up as a reliable guard dog, the Saint Bernard is the breed for you. They make great guard dogs thanks to their intelligence, alertness, intimidating looks, and strong protective instincts.

Saint Bernards are smart enough to analyze a potentially threatening situation and swing into action if need be. They naturally have high alertness levels and are, therefore, quick to notice any suspicious activities on your property.

In fact, St Bernards have an interesting past that’s linked to their admirable guarding abilities. Originally, this breed was kept as guard dogs at hospice facilities in Switzerland. The Saint’s fierce appearance, deep bark, and fearless attitude to pursue suspicious faces can make even the most hardcore thief abort their burglary mission and stay away from your property.


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