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DIY or Go to a Professional Dog Groomer?


Your dog is not impervious to getting dirty. In fact, they can get really dirty. Add in the need for haircuts and nail trimmings and it becomes a full-blown job to keep your cute lovable pup clean and well-groomed. But what’s the best option when it comes to grooming your pet? Should you attempt dog grooming yourself? Or should you fork over the cash to have a professional dog groomer do it?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of DIY grooming versus going to a professional to groom your pup.

DIY dog grooming

If you decide to do your own dog grooming, you’ll need to start off with a complete grooming kit for your pup. You would at least need a brush, shampoo/conditioner, as well as toenail and hair clippers, just to name a few.

This might cost you a pretty penny in the beginning but should be cost-effective in the long run. You will only need to replenish your supplies, as well as replace dull blades on equipment, once in a while.

Another advantage to DIY is your dog may also be less anxious and stressed if you’re grooming at home as opposed to leaving them with the groomer. You can also groom at your convenience and have control over how long you spend cleaning your pup.

If you lack grooming skills and need to learn a few things before getting started, there are plenty of resources you can pull from to help get you started!

There are disadvantages, however, when it comes to DIY grooming for your dog. First is the time it might take to groom them if you don’t have much experience in doing so.

Then, you will also have to figure out what grooming products work well for your pet depending on their breed and health. You can refer to your dog’s veterinarian to assist with this.

Lastly, cleaning up after you groom your dog can be time-consuming. There’s no getting around the fact that grooming your dog yourself will be a bit of a hassle, no matter how much experience you have.

Going to a professional dog groomer

There are many advantages of going to a professional groomer.

First and foremost, their experience and skill level are higher than yours.

Secondly, they can provide different grooming treatments dependent on your dog’s needs. For instance, if your dog needs de-shedding treatment or needs a matted coat to be shaved. Those types of treatments need expertise and proper care.

Thirdly, groomers have all the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish these goals.

Finally, they are able to do some medical checks such as expressing your dog’s anal glands as well as cleaning and checking their ears for infections. Nail trimming also requires technique and attention, since trimming too much can hurt dogs and cause their nails to bleed.

One disadvantage to going to a professional is that the cost of grooming treatments can really add up. Also, taking and leaving your dog at the groomers, even for a few hours, might put a lot of stress and anxiety on your pup, as these places are often quite busy and loud. Furthermore, it would take time to find the right groomer for you and your dog

Deciding which grooming option is best for your dog

Choosing how to groom your pup is tough. Ultimately, it is a personal decision. It will largely depend on whether you can financially afford to go to a professional groomer or if you have the patience and time to do it yourself.

Sending your dog to the groomer every two to three months while you take care of some of the more minor grooming touch-ups in between can be beneficial in the long run. This can help you save money and gain experience in grooming your dog on your own.


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