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Displaced Gaza Teen Finds Comfort in 3 Dogs During Wartime

Caring for three dogs while living in a tent on a beach in Southern Gaza isn’t easy, but it’s one thing that brings immense joy and solace to 17-year-old Hassan Abu Saman. The teen and his entire family were forced to flee their home due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Amid challenging circumstances, Saman is finding comfort in the company of his furry friends — Mofaz, Dahab, and Lucy — who mean the world to him.

Gaza teen living in tent in Rafah cares for and comforts dogs

According to Fox News, Saman has loved dogs since he was a child. In fact, he owned 16 of them while they were still living in Central Gaza before the war broke out. Unfortunately, he only managed to bring along three dogs while fleeing their wrecked home. His efforts to find the remaining dogs bore no fruit.

“When things settled, I was able to secure a car to go and get the rest, but when I got back, I did not find any of them, they were lost,” Saman shared. “I went back a second time to look for them and found the house bombed,” he added.

Saman and his family are among the estimated 1.5 million displaced Palestinians living in tent camps in Rafah. Interestingly, his three canine friends have won the hearts of children in the camp, who enjoy petting the dogs.

The teen also stated that the war has had a negative impact on his beloved dogs. For this reason, he tries to comfort them as much as he can. According to Saman, his largest dog, Mofaz, “has been feeling so down because of the war.”

He also revealed his two other canines, Dahab and Lucy, have lost weight due to limited food options. Saman explained the two would eat a special type of dog food, which he no longer has access to.

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