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Displaced Child and Dog in Gaza Comfort One Another


Amidst the tumult of conflict in Gaza, a poignant scene unfolded at a refugee camp, where a child found solace in the presence of a dog. Instagram account, WeRateDogs, shared the video on the social media platform on Feb. 15. Since then, the video has received over 100K likes, as many Internet users expressed their love for the despairing scene.

WeRateDogs shares a heartbreaking video of a child and dog together in Gaza

WeRateDogs is famous for its heartwarming content celebrating the bond between humans and their canine companions. They recently shared a touching video capturing a young girl and a dog seeking consolation amidst the turmoil of Gaza. 

You can view the emotional post below. Before watching the video, please note that the video content sheds light on the harrowing atrocities inflicted upon the people of Gaza. It may depict disturbing scenes and sensitive subject matter, requiring caution and mindfulness from viewers. 

In the video, a child can be seen sitting with a dog beside her. She is petting the dog and places their paw on her leg. It is evident that the girl is trying to provide comfort to the dog while also seeking consolation from the canine. Moreover, The dog’s wagging tail demonstrates how he feels loved at that moment. 

The post caption describes how nearly Israel’s war on Gaza has displaced around 1 million Palestinian children. The girl in the video is among these children who are grappling with violence, hunger, and profound loss. However, the child and the dog find a glimmer of warmth and companionship in each other’s soothing presence. 

Thus, this simple friendship caught on camera in the middle of adversity earns a heartfelt rating of 14/10 from WeRateDogs. 

Since the post went LIVE on Instagram, it has garnered about 113K likes. Many commenters have praised the account for posting this. One user, amandaseales, wrote, “15/10 is my rating for this page ❤” Another user, ashl3y_elaine, commented, “This video makes me cry. They’re both so scared and confused, but when she touches the dog, it’s tail wags ever so slightly. My heart breaks for Gaza.”


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