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Disabled Dog Rescued From Iran Now Fostering Puppies

A disabled rescue dog from Iran has captured hearts around the world by fostering puppies. Fondly known as Sudi, this rescue dog has endured unbearable pain, but her story has showcased the power of resilience, strength, and love.

The story of a disabled rescue dog from Iran

Sudi, a former farm dog from Iran, has experienced a remarkable transformation after a cruel past filled with mistreatment and abuse by her former owner. She was physically maimed, resulting in her having only one functional limb. Her sad plight came to light when Sajjad Nadimii, an animal rescue operator in Iran, rescued her from the abusive conditions.

Nadimii provided immediate care, but he soon realized Sudi required specialized treatment for her injuries, including a hip replacement. Two Iranian women working with Nadimii reached out to Selma Barroso, an adoption coordinator at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Virginia. Barroso successfully arranged for Sudi to be taken into Homeward Trails in August 2022, pledging to secure funds for her continuous care — as per PEOPLE.

Disabled dog fosters puppies while awaiting adoption

Once in Virginia, Barroso helped Sudi find a foster home and actively participated in her extensive veterinary care and treatments. Despite enduring multiple surgeries to regain mobility, Sudi, with her loving temperament, began to assist her foster parents with caring for other rescue puppies in the household — endearingly called Sudi’s daycare. Barroso notes that Sudi enjoys teaching the puppies respectful behavior, improving their chances of adoption.

While the playful Sudi has mastered the role of a caregiver, finding her forever home hasn’t been easy. Due to Sudi’s lingering surgeries, preferences for smaller dogs, and assertive nature, the search for the perfect home continues. “She has no issue whatsoever with strangers. She is extremely docile,” Barroso adds. “I believe she has totally forgiven humans for what her former owner did to her.”

The founder of Homeward Trails, Sue Bell, aspires to use Sudi’s narrative to bring awareness to animal cruelty. To know more about Homeward Trails and Sudi’s adoption, you can visit their official website.

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