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Detroit Couple Charged in Fatal Dog Mauling

A couple in Detroit, Michigan, is facing charges after their three dogs mauled a man, who eventually succumbed to his injuries. Harold Phillips, aged 35, fell victim to the vicious attack while walking home from the bus stop. The three unleashed dogs belonged to Roy Eric Goodman and Trevina Goodman.

Couple responsible for fatal dog mauling of 35-year-old man charged with dangerous animal causing death

WXYZ Detroit News reports that on Jan. 29, the Goodmans’ three canines escaped through their home’s unsecured front gate entrance and charged toward Phillips. The injuries he sustained were so severe that doctors had to amputate his right arm. Unfortunately, Phillips later passed away.

The couple was arrested and charged with having a dangerous animal causing death.

All three dogs — whose breeds haven’t been disclosed to the public — were euthanized following the attack. Moreover, animal control seized the couple’s fourth dog.

Shockingly, this was not the first time that the Goodmans’ dogs attacked a member of the public. The aggressive canines had, on different occasions, attacked at least three people, including biting a child.

Despite this pattern of aggressive tendencies from their dogs, the Goodmans did nothing about it. In fact, the couple had a brush with law enforcement in the recent past because of the same issue.

Kym Worthy, a Wayne County prosecutor, expressed her frustration at the level of negligence exhibited by the couple. She told CBS News: “I just do not understand why we continue to see unleashed and unsecured dangerous dogs running loose and killing our citizenry. With pet ownership comes responsibility, pure and simple. I do not see what is hard to understand about that.”

Why dogs act aggressively

Phillips’ avoidable death sheds light on the consequences of negligence and not fulfilling the responsibilities of a dog owner. The truth is, dogs aren’t inherently aggressive.

Aggression in dogs stems from unmet needs, all of which are the owner’s responsibility. For instance, failing to meet a dog’s socialization needs, not training them, or failing to seek professional help for any behavioral issues they may be having can result in them developing aggressive tendencies.

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