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Denver Man Desperate To Find Missing Emotional Support Dog


A Denver man is on a desperate search to find his lost 2-year-old emotional support dog who went missing a day before Thanksgiving, CBS Colorado News reports.

Dog owner CJ Ortega told the news outlet that his dog, a Boston Terrier named Twyla Rose, slipped out of his apartment the day before Thanksgiving. Since then, he has been distributing and hanging flyers of his missing dog. He’s also posted on multiple online platforms appealing for help in finding his beloved pooch. 

Unfortunately, his extensive search efforts have yet to bear fruit.

Ortega shared that Twyla is not just an ordinary pet to him. “She is my companion, my best friend, the love of my life,” a frantic Ortega stated. “Not having her with me is beyond painful.”

According to Ortega — who struggles with severe anxiety and depression —Twyla means the world to him, as she has been with him ever since he survived a traumatic car accident that completely changed his life.

Hefty reward for missing emotional support dog 

Ortega is currently offering a $1,500 reward, hoping this will lead to Twyla’s safe return.

He mentioned his canine has a skin condition that gives her a distinct appearance. “She has dermatitis. She has a couple of bald spots on her tail, so she is quite noticeable,” he shared.

He further stated, “her skin could look quite rough because she needs medication.”

Since going public about his missing emotional support dog, Ortega said he has been receiving all manner of calls — some of which crush his hopes. 

“I’ve had people try to scam me, people call me and tell me she’s dead and people saying I deserve this for my life right now,” he said. 

Thankfully, Ortega microchipped Twyla. As such, anyone who finds the Boston Terrier and takes the animal to a veterinarian’s office or shelter to be scanned can reunite the dog with her owner.

Denver Animal Shelter shares helpful tips

In light of Twyla’s disappearance, the Denver Animal Shelter took it upon themselves to offer useful tips to residents who, just like Ortega, are looking for a missing dog. The shelter advised pet owners to:

  • Visit the websites of all area shelters consistently, as shelters often post pictures of lost dogs brought in.
  • Make posts on social media, particularly on Lost Pet Facebook Pages in the area. It’s also a great idea to post on apps like NextDoor, where one can garner a lot of community support.
  • Distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood where the dog went missing.
  • Request neighbors and local businesses to look out for the pet.

The shelter also urged pet owners to license their pets with the city government so that they have an ID tag on them at all times in case they go missing.


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