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Delivery Driver Adopts 1 of 2 Pit Bull Mixes They Helped Save

A delivery driver in Virginia went above and beyond their duties recently when they rescued two Pit Bull mixes on their route – then adopted one of them.

Delivery driver finds 2 emaciated Pit Bull mixes

According to People, Alex Badecker (who uses they/them pronouns) came across a pair of emaciated Pit Bull mixes on the side of the road.

“Usually, Mondays this time of year, I stop and get a turtle or two out of the road, but when I saw the two of them laying there, I was worried they’d get hit, so I wanted to check them for tags,” Badecker told People.

Neither dog had identification. They were both wounded and starving.

“When I stopped and got out, I almost cried; they looked so bad. I knew I needed to finish that last delivery, but I kept thinking it would be wrong to leave them,” Badecker said.

The delivery driver contacted Morgan’s Mutts in Amelia County. Debra Morgan, who runs the organization, took over care of the dogs.

One rescue dog euthanized, one adopted

The brown-and-white dog received the name FedEx. The solid brown one was named Autumn (but is now known as Iris). Unfortunately, after his arrival, FedEx refused food. Staff suspected he had a mass or a twisted intestine. Because he was too frail to endure surgery, the rescue made the tough decision to euthanize the dog.

“He was giving me kisses right up till the sedation kicked in. He was so sweet, and it broke my heart,” Morgan said.

Morgan posted news of FedEx’s death. Then, she began focusing on finding a home for Iris.

Surprisingly, Badecker got back in touch, and offered to foster-to-adopt Iris. The rescue took the dog to the vet for a checkup and vaccines. With the vet’s OK, Badecker reunited with Iris. Then, they decided to adopt the Pit Bull mix.

“She has gained good weight and is still a happy, silly, affectionate goofball,” Morgan told People about their new fur baby. “She will be spayed this Friday, and we will make the adoption official soon after!”

Iris met Badecker’s other dog, Slingshot, and the two are getting along well.

“She’s such a little ball of energy and love,” Badecker said.

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