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Dead Dog With Cropped Ears, Bloody Muzzle, Found in Trash

A dead dog was recently found wrapped in a trash bag and discarded along a remote footpath in Gosfield village, U.K, following which The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has launched an investigation.

It’s worth mentioning that this article contains details that some readers may find extremely upsetting.

Abused dog found dead in Essex trash bin

According to police reports, a member of the public made the horrific discovery on Feb. 5 at around 1:40 p.m. Immediately, the individual alerted authorities about the suspicious bag, and officers rushed to the scene.

As per Essex Live News, authorities found the canine’s body wrapped in a bin bag and sports bag. Moreover, they also discovered his back legs tied together with tape.

Authorities identified the male pup to be a “Toad line” Bull breed dog. Some of the notable features of this breed include short, bowed front legs and slightly longer, bowed back legs. “Toad line” bull breed dogs also have overly wide chests.

Shockingly, the canine had his ears cropped. Further examination by a veterinarian revealed cuts inside the dog’s mouth and bruises on his abdomen. Additionally, he had blood around his muzzle. Police informed the RSPCA, who are now looking into the cruel incident.

In a statement, Adam Jones, the RSPCA Chief Inspector, said, “It’s really sad to find a dog in such a terrible state and discarded in such a way, I am keen to find out how his body came to be left at this location as the circumstances and injuries appear suspicious.”

This heartbreaking incident comes barely a month after authorities arrested a U.K. man for physically abusing his dog by dragging him by the collar and even sitting on him.

Unfortunately, cases of animal cruelty — especially involving dogs — have become rampant in the U.K. A recent RSPCA report noted that “Dogs are the most abused animals in this country and we investigate more complaints about them than any other type of animal.”

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