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Cute Golden Retriever Packs Suitcase in Viral TikTok Video


Going on trips is exciting but also challenging for pet parents. Leaving your furbaby behind can be extremely hard. However, one pup is adamant about not being left behind and is keen on accompanying his owner. The Golden Retriever, Leo, has gone viral on TikTok in a video where he packs his own things into a suitcase.

Watch the Golden Retriever suitcase-packing video

Leo’s mommy recently had to prepare for a trip, leaving the dog in the care of his father. Rather than getting upset over his owner’s preparations for a trip, the Golden Retriever takes “matters into his own paws,” eagerly placing his belongings in the suitcase. It seems he has decided to accompany his owner on the vacation.

Watch the viral TikTok video here:

Viewers can see Leo holding one of his toys in his mouth and placing it inside an open suitcase on the floor in the video. The accompanying text overlay humorously remarked, “When your dog sees you putting things into a suitcase and starts packing his things.”

Leo’s mom exclaims in the video, “He just brought it back to the suitcase.” She further can be heard saying to her dog, “What are you doing? Are you helping me pack for vacation?”

Leo’s pet parent shared the now popular video on their TikTok account, midwestgolden.leo. The video has garnered 1.3 million views and more than 178K likes.

The comments on this funny and adorable video are no less amusing. A user, amandareed, writes, “Hi I’m his lawyer and legally he has to go too.” Another user, hotmike, voices Leo’s feelings quite accurately, “No, I’m not helping YOU pack. I’m packing for OUR trip.”

The TikTok account frequently posts videos of the cute 4-year-old Goldie and has amassed 137K followers. The adorable canine lives with a couple in Carmel, Indiana.


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