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Crunchy Canine? New Zealand Company Sells Granola for Dogs

In a unique blend of nutrition and innovation, Animals Like Us — a pioneering New Zealand-based pet food brand — has launched granola for dogs. On Feb. 20, the company unveiled its groundbreaking product, RawMix50. This new formula will revolutionize mealtimes for canines around the globe.

Animals Like Us offers new dog granola product

The genius of RawMix50 lies in its composition. It artfully combines high-protein kibble with generous portions of whole, freeze-dried meat and organs. This inventive blend ensures that freeze-dried inclusions make up half of the diet, perfectly complemented by an equal portion of high-protein kibble. As a result, it offers pet owners a cost-effective, yet nutritionally rich, feeding option.

Rob Achten, co-founder and CEO of Animals Like Us, emphasized the goal of creating a middle ground in pet nutrition. “Fully freeze-dried food is expensive and ‘fresh’ foods are not only expensive, but messy to serve,” Achten explained, adding, “We set out to create a safe, convenient and less expensive way for consumers to deliver the health benefits of a raw diet.”

Notably, all animal ingredients of RawMix50 are sourced directly from New Zealand. Moreover, pet owners have the choice of three distinct recipes, catering to various canine preferences. These include Cage-Free Chicken, Grass-Fed Beef, and Grass-Fed Lamb — per Pet Food Processing.

Since its inception in 2019, Animals Like Us has successfully solidified its presence in New Zealand and Australia. With the introduction of RawMix50, the company is eager to expand its reach, eyeing the United States for potential growth through brick-and-mortar distribution channels. The introduction of RawMix50 builds upon the company’s existing lineup of raw dog treat offerings. It features items such as Cage-Free Chicken Liver, Grass-Fed Lamb Heart, Grass-Fed Lamb Green Tripe, and Grass-Fed Beef Liver treats.

Animals Like Us will showcase their innovative product at the Global Pet Expo, booth #238, from March 20 to 22 in Orlando, Florida.

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