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Crucial Dog Collar Safety Lesson Taught in Viral TikTok Video

Every dog parent must be aware of dog collar safety concerns. A viral TikTok video has demonstrated the potential threats collars can pose for our canine companions. 

Watch this important dog collar safety video

A TikTok video has gone viral, showing how easily even the most seemingly harmless situation can turn dangerous for our pets. The dog owner has shared the video to educate their audience about the dangers of dog collar strangulation. 

Watch the viral TikTok video here:

In a video posted by the TikTok account @finneasandmilo, viewers can see a stuck pet dog. The dog is visibly trying to free himself as his tag has become trapped. Of course, the owner frees their dog. 

In addition, the text overlay on the video reminds dog owners to never leave their dog’s collar on when they are home alone. Then, the video changes to a Google screenshot showing the number of collar strangulation-related accidents that happen every year. 

Meanwhile, the caption gave context to how the dog got stuck. The owner explained in the caption, “We came in from a walk, and he was brushing on the side of the sofa (he wanted his fleece off), and his tag got caught in a matter of seconds.” Continuing, it said, “This wasn’t causing him any distress or danger but a reminder that dogs can get caught on anything in seconds. Such a simple thing can save your dog’s life .”

Clearly, through this TikTok video, a pet parent tried to warn other pet parents like them to take extra care regarding their dog’s collar. Consequently, the video received 1.5 million views and over 76K likes. 

Is it safe to leave collars on dogs indoors?

While collars are essential for walks and identification, leaving them on your dog indoors can be risky.

Your playful pup could snag their collar on furniture or fences, leading to panicked struggles and potential injuries. In worst-case scenarios, collars can even cause choking or strangulation. Moreover, if they’re home alone, there will be no one to save them.

Hence, consider removing their collar indoors to keep your furry friend safe and stress-free at home. This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure your dog enjoys a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

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