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Creative Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding


For many dog owners, canine companions are beloved family members. So, it’s only natural to want them by their side on their special day. According to one survey, 94 percent of dog owners planning weddings included their dogs in all things “I Do.” Including your dog in your wedding can add an extra touch of joy and love to the celebration. There are tons of creative ways to incorporate your fur baby into your wedding festivities. Doing so ensures a memorable and cuddly occasion!

How to include your dog in your wedding

Doggy attire and accessories

To make your dog feel like a part of the wedding party, consider dressing them up in adorable attire or accessories that match the wedding theme. You can find specially designed dog wedding outfits on the internet. Or, choose a bowtie, collar, or bandana to coordinate with your wedding colors. This will not only make your dog look dashing but also help them stand out as a special guest.

Dog of honor or canine ring bearer

Give your dog a role to play in the ceremony by appointing them as the “Dog of Honor” or “Best Dog.” They can accompany the wedding party down the aisle. Make it extra special by adorning your dog with a floral wreath or a small sign indicating their title. If your pooch is well-behaved and comfortable with crowds, you can even train them to carry the wedding rings in a special pouch attached to their collar. Doing so will surely add a unique and heartwarming touch to the ceremony.

Pupcake or doggie treat bar

Include your dog in the wedding reception by setting up a dedicated “pupcake” or doggie treat bar. You can have a specially designed dog-friendly cake or cupcakes made for your furry friend to enjoy. Additionally, provide a variety of dog treats and snacks for your guests’ canine companions. This touch ensures that your dog is part of the celebration. Also, it adds an interactive element for your guests’ pets to enjoy.

Dog-friendly photo booth

Set up a pet-friendly photo booth area where you, your guests, and your dog can capture unforgettable moments together. Include props and accessories like dog-sized hats, glasses, and signs that your dog can wear. Hire a professional pet photographer or designate a trusted friend or family member to capture candid and posed shots with your dog. You will cherish the memories you make for years to come.

Doggie escort cards or favors

Incorporate your dog into the wedding reception by using dog-themed escort cards or favors. Attach small tags or cards with each guest’s name and table assignment to a personalized dog biscuit or a small dog toy. It’s a delightful way to show appreciation for your guests and their furry friends. Also, it adds a playful touch to the overall wedding theme.

Let your wedding go to the dogs

Including your dog in your wedding can create unforgettable moments and boost happiness to your special day. From dressing your canine companion up in wedding attire to giving your fur baby a role in the ceremony, there are numerous creative ways to make your pup feel like a valued part of the celebration. Incorporating these ideas will ensure that your wedding is not only a celebration of love between you and your partner but also a celebration of the unconditional love and joy that your dog brings to your life.

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