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Connie the Container Dog Expecting Puppies After Heroic Rescue


Connie the container dog, whose incredible tale of survival made national headlines, is once again at the heart of a fascinating story. After being rescued from a shipping container in Texas where she had been trapped for over a week, Connie is not only recuperating under the loving care of an animal rescue team but has also been discovered to be pregnant.

Connie the container dog’s rescue

U.S. Coast Guard officers at a port in Houston came across a peculiar situation last week, when they heard the faint cries of a dog trapped 25 feet up in a shipping container. Lowering the crate, they managed to set the desperate canine free.

Penny Edwards, a volunteer from the Maryland-based Forever Changed Animal Rescue, quickly reached out to the Texas shelter caring for Connie. She offered her assistance and in a short while, had organized transport for the distressed canine. Veteran volunteer pilot, Seuk Kim, was enlisted to fly Connie to Virginia — as per NBC Washington.

While en route, during a pit stop to refuel, Connie’s newfound fame was clear. Kim recalled how the airport staff rushed to show Connie affection, showering her with hugs and treats. On her arrival in Virginia, Edwards and her team awaited Connie with a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Connie the container dog is pregnant

Connie was immediately taken for a medical examination upon arrival in Virginia. It was clear she had heartworms and malnutrition due to the rough conditions she’d been through. Notably, her physical signs pointed to recent motherhood. Although no puppies were found with her, speculation was rife that she may have birthed a litter while fighting for survival inside the shipping container.

However, further examination delivered unexpected news — Connie was indeed a mother, but her puppies were still unborn. “These puppies are probably fighters just like their mom,” said Kim.

Now, Forever Changed Animal Rescue is tasked with caring for Connie and her forthcoming litter. No one is certain about Connie’s origins or how she ended up in the predicament, but it’s of little importance. The priority now is to nurse her through pregnancy, administer her heartworm treatments, and then find her and her puppies a loving forever home.


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