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Connecticut Shelter Cares for Neglected, Emaciated Pit Bull Mix


A severely emaciated Pit Bull Mix dog is on the road to recovery, thanks to staff at the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, Connecticut, who are now caring for him. The dog’s poor state reflects the harsh reality of animal neglect.

Shelter takes in Pit Bull Mix, helps dog heal before adoption

On Sunday, Feb. 11., the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter took in the emaciated dog — a Pit Bull Mix who appears to be between 3 and 5 years old — after a group of people spotted him wandering on the street. The dog, now named Chip, was in bad shape when brought to the animal shelter.

“He was and still is extremely emaciated,” NBC Connecticut quoted Laura Burban, the shelter’s director, as saying. “His paws were bleeding in the front, and he just looked very uncomfortable,” she added.

Chip clearly needed urgent specialized treatment, so the shelter immediately rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital.

“They were doing everything from fluids to vitamins to obviously providing slow nutrition, reintroducing it to him,” Burban stated.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Chip’s body weight is nearly half of what a dog his age should be.

“You can sort of tell even though he has his coat on, he still has a hunched over state which is typical when we see dogs kept in small carriers, whether it’s a crate or cat carrier,” Burban told the news outlet.

Chip spent a few days at the vet and, thankfully, gained a pound. He was transported back to the shelter, and the loving staffers are doing all they can to see him thrive.

Surprisingly, Chip showed trust toward people almost immediately when he landed at the shelter. He appeared quite jovial, despite what he’s been through.

“He was playing, and he’s excited to be here, so it’s pretty amazing to see what a few days of just love can do,” Burban shared.

The shelter is focused on Chip’s full recovery before putting him up for adoption. Burban estimates it may take roughly four to six weeks before they do that.


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