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Connecticut Man Arrested for Killing Daughter’s Dog

Authorities in North Bradford, Connecticut, arrested a man for allegedly killing his daughter’s Bulldog on Monday, Nov. 13, NBC Connecticut reports. 

At the scene, responding officers discovered Arnaldo Silva, 51, covered in blood and a trail of blood from the living room to Silva’s bedroom. That’s where North Bradford Police found the deceased 2-year-old Bulldog, belonging to Silva’s daughter as well as a blood-stained kitchen knife inside the dog’s kennel. The dog’s body was sent to a veterinary hospital for an autopsy.

Police statements indicated that Silva, potentially intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, had an active warrant and showed a lack of cooperation during questioning. They transported him to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Now facing charges of “animal cruelty and threatening in the second degree,” Silva is due in court in December. “I’m not gonna say nothing,” Silva told NBC Connecticut after leaving the police station. “It was an accident. I tripped, I fell into my wall. I tripped over him. He’s always around my feet. I drank too much, and I fell off.”

Man also threatened to kill daughter’s boyfriend

According to New Haven Register, Silva’s daughter informed the authorities that she had gone to her boyfriend’s place for the night on Monday. However, Silva left her a voicemail around 10:45 p.m., notifying her of her Bulldog’s death. When she called back, Silva mentioned the dog’s death before abruptly ending the call.

She rushed to her home, along with her boyfriend and a female friend. Upon arrival, they found the dog lying motionless in the living room corner while Silva, intoxicated, was sitting on the couch.

As the couple tried to comfort the dog, Silva allegedly threatened the boyfriend twice, saying, “I’m going to kill you one day,” before going to his bedroom, as per court documents.

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