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Cocker Spaniel Demands ‘Goodnight Kiss’ Before Bed in TikTok Video

A heartwarming video shared on TikTok features a Cocker Spaniel demanding a “goodnight kiss from his pet parent”. This endearing moment captured on social media has quickly become a viral sensation. While giving your kids a goodnight kiss is common, this video will make pet parents want to kiss their pets before bed as well.

Watch as Cocker Spaniel demands ‘goodnight kiss’ in video

A TikTok video featuring an adorable Cocker Spaniel called Mac has gone viral on the social media platform. The video showcases the dog’s “bedtime routine,” which involves getting a kiss from his pet parent. Seemingly, he needs a “goodnight kiss” every night before he goes to sleep. 

Watch the heartwarming TikTok video here:

Viewers can see Mac putting his paws on his parent and looking up to them. It is evident he is asking for something. As soon as he receives a kiss on the cheek, he runs away, possibly to go to his bed to sleep. Meanwhile, the text overlay on the video reads, “When your dog expects a goodnight kiss as part of his bedtime routine each night.”

The TikTok account, @bigmac4paws shared the video with their 35K followers. As a result, the video went viral on the platform, receiving more than 179K views. Additionally, it has about 9K likes and over 100 comments, as of this writing. 

One of the commenters, Stevie_The_Car_Mover_Guy, shared a cute story of his own Cocker Spaniel. They wrote, “I’ve got a 15-week-old working Cocker. After each feed, she insists on giving me a kiss. Such brilliant dogs.” Another user, Rach Wn, commented, “My Spaniel X won’t step off the harness until we have a post-walk cuddle and kiss on the nose.”

Hence, many people shared similar stories of their Cocker Spaniels. This indicates the affectionate nature of this remarkable breed. They flourish in the company of humans and are popular for forging deep bonds with their owners. 

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