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Clean Cornwall’s Latest Campaign Made From Waste

Clean Cornwall has found a new way to remind pet parents to pick up after themselves. The “Poo Dogs” sculptures consist of a combination of litter and recycled material. Currently, these unique art installations are being placed around Cornwall in South East England.

Poo Dogs aim to raise awareness about dog mess

Bowcawen Fields in Falmouth became Poo Dog’s first home. The area is one of the major hotspots of dog mess. According to Clean Cornwall’s website, the campaign aims to raise awareness about “dog fouling.”

Before the organization placed the first statue, the team announced Poo Dog’s first walk on Instagram. It noted that he was about to grace the coastal paths of the town with positive vibes. The post further explained that the statue would remind pet owners to “bag it and bin it.”

Jade Jackson, the project coordinator, said the campaign’s aim is to “celebrate” pet parents who clean up after their pooches. It also provides a positive, lighthearted alternative to negative messaging that will remind other pet owners to do the same.

Poo Dog sculptures are made from materials the organization’s team collected during their litter pick-ups across the country. As such, the collected materials highlight how much waste is “being strewn around” the ecosystem. In addition to the expected trash, the litter included poop bagged in non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Poo Dog is one of several creative Clean Cornwall campaigns

Jackson encourages the public to click a picture of a Poo Dog if they spot one. Members of the public wishing to show their support can share pictures on social media with the hashtag #poodog. The installation in Falmouth is the first of many that Clean Cornwall plans to install in dog poop hotspots across the region.

Some of Clean Cornwall’s other campaigns include The Kernow Way, Let’s Talk Rubbish, and Pick a Litter Mile. The organization works with volunteers, community groups, other organizations, and businesses to ensure cleanliness. In particular, the group aims to minimize the impact humans have on the environment.

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