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Chow Chow Puppies: Cute Pictures and Facts

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Chow Chow puppies are simply irresistible with their adorable squished faces, lion-like fur, and fluffy tails. These dogs, known for their bluish-black tongues and aloof behavior, hail from northern China where they are known as “Songshi Quan,” translating to “puffy-lion dog.” They were initially bred for various tasks like hunting and guarding, but have transformed over centuries into lovable household pets. Below, we will get a closer look at Chow Chow puppies and discover five interesting facts about them.

They have unique physical features

Chow Chow puppy sitting looking away.
(Photo Credit: Cultura Exclusive/Stuart Westmorland | Getty Images)

Chow Chow puppies are immediately distinguishable by their bear-like appearance and sturdy body structure. They possess a broad skull, small triangle-shaped ears, deep-set almond eyes, and a thick mane of fur, adding to their lion-like appearance. Another distinctive feature of Chow Chows is their blue-black tongue. This unusual characteristic begins to develop when the puppy is around 8 to 10 weeks old. The cause of the blue-black pigment is a mystery and often surprises a new dog parent. Other than the Shar Pei, Chow Chows are the only breed with this tongue color, making them truly unique.

They possess two coat types

Two Chow Chow puppies in the house.
(Photo Credit: Ivan Marjanovic | Getty Images)

Thanks to their double-layer coat, these pups are incredibly fluffy. There are two types of coats — rough and smooth. Both variations are dense, but the rough has a straight, off-standing outer layer with a soft undercoat. Meanwhile, the smooth version has a hard, dense, smooth outer layer. Despite their fluffiness, Chow Chows shed moderately and require weekly grooming.

They are notoriously stubborn

Cute small Chow Chow dog relaxing on the floor indoors.
(Photo Credit: AkilinaWinner | Getty Images)

Chow Chow puppies have a reputation for being stubborn and independent — traits often reserved for describing cats. Their strong-willed nature means they need consistent, patient training from a young age. Nonetheless, they can be immensely loyal to their family. With the right approach, Chow Chows can become a well-behaved, charming member of your brood.

They have specific exercise needs

Close-up portrait of  Chow Chow puppy sitting on the grass.
(Photo Credit: pchagai | Getty Images)

While Chow Chows are not overly active dogs, they do require daily exercise to stay healthy and prevent obesity. As puppies, they tend to be more energetic, but they grow into dogs who enjoy moderate walks or play sessions. However, their heavy coat makes them prone to overheating, so they should not be overly exerted, especially in hot weather.

They tend to be reserved dogs

Studio portrait of a litter of Chow Chow puppies.
(Photo Credit: Nik Taylor | Getty Images)

Unlike many other breeds, Chow Chows are naturally reserved and often suspicious of strangers. This trait, combined with their strong territorial instincts, makes them excellent watchdogs. That said, it’s important to socialize them from an early age to prevent them from becoming overly protective or aggressive. When properly socialized, they can get along well with other animals and people.

Whether it’s their teddy-bear-like appearance, their incredibly unique and charming personality, or their noble heritage, Chow Chow puppies will definitely steal your heart! If you’re up for the challenge of their high-maintenance coat and unique traits, you could find no better friend.

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