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Chicago Rescue Seeking Forever Home for Blind Pit Bull Dog


Western Wag, a dog daycare facility in Humboldt Park, Chicago, is on a mission to find a forever home for a blind Pit Bull rescued in August 2022 by a resident.

The 7-year-old dog — named Stevie — suffers from glaucoma, which led to him losing his sight completely. Stevie was first rescued by Agatha Slupek, who took pity on the pup when she saw him wandering near her neighborhood, looking emaciated and confused.

Humboldt Park group determined to find blind Pit Bull the perfect adoptive home

Slupek took great care of blind Stevie for some time and helped nurse him back to health. Unfortunately, circumstances couldn’t allow for her to continue being Stevie’s primary caregiver.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Slupek felt inadequate to handle the demands of caring for a blind dog on her own. Moreover, she had to move out of the state for work, which meant she couldn’t continue being Stevie’s full-time caregiver. Also, Slupek owns two cats, and it was hard for Stevie to adapt to having other pets around.

For these reasons, Slupek sought help from her community in Humboldt on what course of action to take. Western Wag stepped in, and have since been taking care of Stevie at their daycare facility.

Stevie currently has another primary caregiver also: a dog foster parent. When he isn’t at the daycare, he’s most likely at his foster home. Unfortunately, Stevie’s foster parent will soon be relocating to a different state. Therefore, he needs to find a new, permanent home before the end of March.

Since Slupek has had first-hand experience taking care of a blind pup, she recommends Stevie’s ideal home to be a household that currently doesn’t have pets but has owned a dog before, particularly one with special needs like Stevie. Moreover, Slupek stated Stevie needs someone whose schedule is flexible enough to spend time with him regularly.

“Because of some of the difficulties that Stevie has faced in life, he will have a bit of separation anxiety, at least for the first little while as he’s adjusting to a new home,” Slupek shared.

Furthermore, Slupek revealed Stevie enjoys going for walks and staying active, so it would be great if he found someone with an active lifestyle.


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