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‘Chewy Meaty Dog Treat’ Crossword Answer Stumps New York Times Players

The “Chewy Meaty Dog Treat” crossword clue is leaving some New York Times players confused. Here’s the need-to-know info for those who want the easy way out and are hunting for the January 25 “Chewy Meaty Dog Treat” crossword answer.

What is the New York Times “Chewy Meaty Dog Treat” crossword answer?

The answer for the hint is “PIGEAR,” a six-letter word.

The New York Times crossword published on January 25, 2024 presented a challenging clue for a chewy, meaty dog treat. Solvers found themselves grappling with the crossword, attempting to decipher this canine-related term within the puzzle’s context.

So, what exactly are these popular chewy, meaty dog treats?

Just as their name suggests, pig ear treats for dogs are made directly from pigs. Yes, it may seem odd to some, but these treats are quite a hit amongst our canine companions! They are made from the pinna, or the flap of the ear, which contains skin, cartilage, and a minimal amount of muscle. Once collected and dried out, pig ears transform into a chewy delight for your four-legged friend to enjoy.

These tender chews provide excellent enrichment for your pooch. By offering a fun and tasty activity, you can even reduce your dog’s likelihood of destructive behaviors like gnawing on furniture, incessant licking, or barking.

Additionally, chewy treats like pig ears also serve a dental hygiene purpose. They can aid in cleaning your pup’s teeth by mildly eradicating plaque and tartar. So, there’s certainly nothing to dislike about these!

While Sam Ezersky is known for creating some of the most challenging New York Times crosswords, he occasionally tones down the difficulty. Today’s puzzle, for instance, is a bit milder than usual for a Thursday, at least for dog owners who generously give their dogs treats like pig ears. However, today’s crossword may have been tricky for those who don’t own a dog!

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