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Charity Rescues Over 400 Dogs From China’s Meat Trade


A Lincolnshire charity — Candy’s Hound Rescue — has rescued over 400 dogs from China’s meat trade in the last two years, as per BBC. Led by Kerry Elliman, the organization not only rescues these mistreated dogs who are living in harsh conditions but also gives them new homes in the United Kingdom. This is all part of an educational initiative to raise awareness about the unfortunate situation these animals face.

“I’m not trying to stop the dog meat [trade] because I know that won’t happen. It’s about education,” Elliman said. “It’s raising awareness of things people have no idea about.”

The Charity Humane Society International/UK noted that a majority of people in China and Asia abstain from consuming dog meat. Moreover, opposition to the trade is growing due to concerns about animal cruelty and human health risks, including the spread of diseases like rabies.

The charity collaborates with Vshine — a Chinese group advocating for an end to the dog and cat meat trades. In June, Vshine managed to rescue 19 dogs from an illegal slaughterhouse near Yulin just prior to the city’s annual dog meat festival. This event involves the slaughter and consumption of thousands of dogs and cats.

Harsh realities of dog meat trade survivors

Tang Tang — a dog saved by Candy’s Hound Rescue — had endured repeated head blows and now faces untreated diabetes, requiring the removal of her eye. Elliman recounted how they initially rescued Tang Tang from a slaughterhouse associated with the dog meat trade.

“She’s got all the scars on her back end. What they do to weigh them — especially the sight hounds — is they tie metal wire around their legs and weigh them,” Elliman recounted.

Elliman further emphasized that those involved in the illegal meat trade subject many dogs to cruel practices, such as “skinning or boiling them alive” under the misconception that it enhances the taste of the meat. “I understand bringing them to this country is not going to save them [all], but it is saving the ones that we are saving,” she added.

Wendy Higgins of Humane Society International/UK noted the emergence of a “dedicated animal protection movement within China.” She said, “[Our] Chinese partner group work tirelessly all year round to save thousands of dogs and cats from the meat trade.” Higgins added that the animal activists are “working with law enforcement to intercept trafficked animals who are crammed on trucks and helping to shut down illegal slaughterhouses.” In so doing, the organization is capable of “providing the rescued animals with lifesaving treatment and rehabilitation.”

Recently, they launched a successful tip line in China for the public to report illegal dog and cat meat trade activities, leading to the closure of such operations in different parts of the country.


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