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Celebrity Dog Steals Spotlight at a Lakers Game


It’s common to find a celebrity sitting courtside at a Lakers game at Crypto.com Arena. However, it’s another matter when you find an 80-pound dog there. As LA Times reports, Brodie, the famous internet sensation recognized as @BrodieThatDood, enjoyed a courtside appearance during the Lakers-Knicks game on Dec. 19. He was seated with his closest companion, Cliff Brush, Jr.

The audience included other notable figures like Spike Lee, actor John David Washington, Kevin Bacon, and Dodgers’ standout Mookie Betts.

Despite that, Brodie the Goldendoodle was the center of attention. 

Brush shared with LA Times, “A recurring theme we heard all night — from the announcers, the refs, the season-ticket holders who’ve been there for 20-plus years — everyone was saying they’ve never seen this before their entire life.” Continuing, he added, “So it definitely seemed like a first. Maybe there’s been little dogs that people just don’t even notice, but you can’t miss Brodie.”

Dog remained calm during the Lakers game

Brush stated he had prearranged Brodie’s presence with arena security, confident that the sizable dog wouldn’t pose any issues. The canine stayed close to the courtside excitement the entire time. Either he was nestled on Brush’s lap or cozily tucked beneath the seat without causing any trouble.

In his words, “I have no worries. I trust him 100%. As long as he’s with me, he’s gonna be well-behaved and in control. Yeah, I don’t worry about him ’cause he’s a good boy.”

The dog influencer, earning $1 million in brand deals this year, got his coveted courtside spot due to his certification as Brush’s service dog, as per Sports Illustrated. Brush, dealing with an autoimmune condition called lichen planus causing rashes and sores, emphasizes that Brodie’s presence significantly reduces his stress levels. This certification not only grants Brodie access to Lakers games but also allows him to accompany Brush on first-class flights.

Brush and Brodie had traveled to Los Angeles for an interview with “Access Hollywood.” During their visit, Lakers jersey sponsor Bibigo extended a generous offer of two courtside seats, one for the duo and another for their agent. In return, all they wanted was a social media post. 

Due to Brodie’s popularity, security had to escort him and his owner to their seats. Furthermore, during pregame warmups, Knicks shooting guard Josh Hart acknowledged Brodie with a shout-out and a high-five despite the Goldendoodle sporting an Austin Reaves jersey.

Brush recalled, “By the end of the night, he was pretty much the king of the Jumbotron and running the arena.”

One of the best moments of the night, according to Brush, was when the service dog was crowned Fan of the Game for a dance-off victory against a human from the audience. 

According to Brush, “There was a camera, and Brodie knows camera means, ‘Let’s go,’ and just shook his fluffy butt. And the arena was loving it.”


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