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Canines in Couture Walk Runway at Northport Dog Parade

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Dogs who call a charming Michigan community home spent the weekend strutting their stuff in a doggie fashion show. Canines were expected to don couture to walk the runway at the village’s dog parade. The weather was perfect and the crowd plentiful as pooches competed for best in show. Pups of all sizes, ages, and breeds enjoyed Saturday’s festivities. An annual occurrence, the Northport Dog Parade brings together neighbors and their beloved four-legged friends for a family-friendly, fun-filled event full of picture-perfect pups.

Dogs parade in on-trend fashions

Coco Chanel said, “Keep your heels, head, and standards high.” Be that as it may, our furry friends aren’t exactly lacing their own sneakers or zipping up the trendiest vegan suede booties. In reality, some pups might even prefer chewing on their human’s favorite stilettoed Manolo Blahniks. However, many of our good boys and girls do know how to heel. What’s more, is that they always turn heads!

For that reason, this year’s Northpoint Dog Parade theme was “Canine Couture: A Doggie Fashion Show.” A poster for the event teased that costuming by designers like “Abercrombie and Fetch,” “Pooch,” and the “United Colors of Bonetton” would be on display. The call for people to register their competing canines also promised pups adorned in “Pawda,” “Fursace,” and “Poochi.”

For the price of six dollars in advance, locals could choose to enter an individual dog or a group of pups into the running for various honors. A dollar discount was afforded to early bird registrants who signed up in person at the aptly-named local business, Dog Ears Books. Those late to the party would need to shell out $10 on the day of for their furry friend to compete.

Canine couture is “so fetch”

“Mean Girls” Gretchen Weiners tried so hard to make “fetch” happen. She should’ve left that task to the dogs. What she did get right, however, was how lovely it is to wear clothing in the palette ranging from champagne, to rose, to fuschia. Perhaps, these canines clad in every shade of pink would’ve even been welcomed to sit at her table on Wednesdays.

Obviously, many dog parents read the same memo which made clear that pink was this season’s it color. Clearly a nod to the billion-dollar box office success of “Barbie,” pups of many sizes and breeds went dressed as the film’s iconic characters. A young girl even put a long, wavy blonde wig on her pink-tutu-wearing pooch. Another family took pictures with their dog who was dressed in a cherry-colored top. The back of the tee had the doll’s name spelled out in pearls.

A pet parent in a pink paisley tunic even walked alongside her pup while carrying a cardboard sign. Her pooch was wearing a cropped blonde wig and pale blue tinsel around his neck, almost reminiscent of a Hawaiian lei. The poster read, “I am Kenough,” a line used by the film’s male lead, Ryan Gosling.

From tulle to tuxedos to graphic tees

The level of creativity and whimsy on display extended from layers upon layers of tulle, to oversized bows, to full-on sequined tuxedos. Some pups were laden in haute couture. Contrastingly, others had a more minimalist wardrobe. In that case, their humans seemed to do the brunt of the heavy lifting when it came to theme compliance.

Perhaps the most memorable example of the latter is thanks to a group of three adults. The team members were dressed as PETA protesters, picketing a fashion show. The man holding the leash of his small dog has on what appears to be a homemade version of the organization’s logo t-shirt. He’s in possession of an open paint can with red paint dripping from around it’s rim. Behind him, is a woman raising up a sign reading, “Fur isn’t fashion.” The man to their right holds a second sign with the words “It’s Murder,” but the “M” is painted over in red with an “F,” spelling out a pun: “Furder.”

Photo by Sheen Watkins Photography, shared on the “Annual Northport Dog Parade” Facebook page

Past dog parade themes

In the 26 years of Northport Dog Parade history, many dog owners and village residents have gathered to cheer on adorably adorned pups. Moreover, they’ve also come together to celebrate their larger community.

Themes of past events have ranged from movie and book titles to topical, pop culture references. From “The Wizard of Oz,” to more creatively named themes like “Hairy Tales,” and “Alice in Wonderlab, Through the Woofing Glass,” each year is a new opportunity for dogs to put their best paw forward.

Notable mention: A Space Pawdyssey

A Space Pawdyssey was the theme of Northport’s 2021 dog parade. Locals showed off out-of-this-world looks with dogs in metallic or antennaed apparel. A memorable ensemble featured two dog owners dressed like aliens from the 1993 SNL-skit-turned-feature-film “Coneheads.” Just like Dan Aykroyd’s and Jane Curtin’s characters, the duo sports signature coneheads while holding two pups wearing dog cone collars.

Dogs are always in vogue

Northport isn’t the only place to have hosted a red-carpet-level catwalk at a dog parade this year. In May, 150 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels walked through the streets of London to spotlight King Charles III’s coronation. Later in the summer, a 100-year-old man celebrated his milestone birthday with a lineup of over 200 pups in San Jose. And, in July, nearly 500 Golden Retrievers gathered in Scotland to celebrate the 155th anniversary of their breed, complete with a photo op and parade.

Hoping to show off your pooch at an upcoming parade? Be sure to check out our Top Safety Tips for Dogs at Parades. After that, you’ll be prepared for keeping your pooch safe at their next Pride event or community festival.

Lastly, Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” Dogs are more than an accessory; they are members of our families. That said, they sure look fabulous wearing their own accessories and the latest fashions. And, at DogTime, we believe loving dogs and giving them the best lives possible will never go out of style.

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