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California Woman Strangles Dog in Parking Lot

Police rescued six dogs after responding to an early morning report of a woman strangling a dog in a parking lot in Winters, a rural town west of Sacramento, California. The woman, who was found to be living in her car with the dogs, now faces animal cruelty charges, as per CBS Sacramento. She is also facing charges for resisting and obstructing an officer.

Police arrest woman who strangled dog

On Monday, Nov. 27, Winters Police Department officers responded to a distressing report. Witnesses reported seeing a woman beating and strangling a dog. It was later determined that the woman had been residing in her black SUV with five other canines.

Ultimately, police apprehended the woman for choking one of the dogs in a parking lot near a Starbucks. However, upon arrival, the woman — later identified as 25-year-old Anastasia Mischenkho — threatened the officer. Mischenkho also suggested she was armed with a weapon. When the officer attempted to make an arrest, it prompted the woman to barricade herself in the vehicle with the dogs.

As per reporting by Fox 40 News, the officer called for backup from the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office. Law enforcement engaged in a negotiation with the woman for over half an hour, aiming to persuade Mischenkho to leave her vehicle. Although she eventually complied and exited the SUV, she actively resisted arrest.

Subsequently, Mischenkho who taken into custody. She was booked at the Yolo County Jail on charges of resisting/obstructing an officer and misdemeanor animal cruelty. Officials also stated that she will undergo evaluation by the jail’s mental health team.

Dogs receive medical attention

After police rescued the six dogs found in the vehicle, they transferred them to Yolo County Animal Services for veterinary care. Staff there will assess the health of the dogs and provide any necessary medical treatment.

If you see instances of animal cruelty, always report it immediately to authorities. You can also help protect animals by learning how to spot signs of neglect and abuse.

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