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California Family Dog Attacked by Mountain Lion


In a California neighborhood, residents are expressing concern following reports of a mountain lion attacking a family dog. A Ring camera partially captured the disturbing incident. It shows the wild predator entering a property while a Giant Schnauzer was roaming outside. 

Giant Schnauzer attacked by mountain lion now recovering at home

A security camera footage depicts a mountain lion attacking a dog in La Verne, California, as KCCI reports. The affected family feels thankful for the fact that their dog, a 3-year-old Giant Schnauzer called Holly, is alive after the vicious attack. 

The wild cat infiltrated a property shortly after Holly, weighing 93 pounds, ventured outside for her nightly bathroom break. The incident occurred at around 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 10. 

Holly’s owners, Steve and Nicole, shared their account of the incident, as per People. The owners heard a yelping and found that the sound was coming from their pet, Holly, in the backyard. Subsequently, they started shouting at the wild animal, causing enough disturbance to startle it. Therefore, this allowed Holly to run back inside. 

In Steve’s words, “As soon as I heard how fierce the battle was, I was like, there’s no way. I was imagining like a skunk or something back here that she was just messing with, so then I went in and grabbed a gun.”  

Once Steve retrieved his firearm, the uninvited guest vanished. However, the predator returned approximately 20 minutes later, possibly to take its prey. 

Holly’s parents promptly took her to the vet for treatment of puncture wounds, scratches, and stitched injuries. She is currently recuperating and cherishing the affection from her family. Nicole said, “She’s enjoying all the extra love, all the extra treats, all the extra attention.” 

Moreover, the couple now urges their neighbors in the gated community of Mountain Springs to remain vigilant for the presence of big cat in order to prevent any danger to pets or people. 


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