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California Dog Abandoned, Tied To Tree With Box of Puppies


Officials in California, are searching for a forever home for an abandoned dog left tied to a tree with her puppies. Currently, the adorable 1-and-a-half-year-old canine named Angel is being cared for by the Mission Viejo Animal Services staff.

Dog found tied to tree near Mission Viejo, abandoned with her puppies

Angel, a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix, was found on Jan. 28 at around 9 p.m. Furthermore, her seven puppies were also found huddled up in a box next to her, as per NBC Los Angeles. Mission Viejo public information specialist, Kelly Tokarski, told the news outlet, “[Angel’s] already had a tough start to life. She was found tied to a tree at night in an Aliso Viejo park with her seven puppies in a box next to her [with] no food, water, or way to protect her or her pups from danger.”

Given that it’s the coyote mating season, being left all alone at night in such a vulnerable state put Angel and her puppies at high risk of coyote attacks.

Unfortunately, Angel had no microchip, so officials couldn’t tell who her owner was. Authorities are now investigating her abandonment, and hope to locate the person behind this cruel act. Under California law, abandoning an animal is a misdemeanor that attracts a 6-month jail sentence and a $1,000 fine.

According to Patch News, Angel and her puppies were vaccinated and given a bath as soon as they arrived at the shelter. Luckily, they were all healthy despite the risky situation they were found in.

The shelter said the seven puppies have already been adopted. Now, all that’s remaining is for Angel to find her perfect home, too. Staff at the shelter described Angel as a “love bug who deserves a loving home.”

Tokarski told the news outlet that Angel “is truly one of the nicest, kindest dogs we have ever met.” The official further shared, “She rolls over in submission when getting pets and will crawl up into your lap for attention. Simply put, Angel is a great dog.”


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