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British Crocodile Expert Tortured and Killed Over 35 Dogs


A once-respected British crocodile expert recently admitted to sexually assaulting, torturing, and killing over 35 dogs in Australia. According to BBC News, Adam Britton now faces 60 charges relating to bestiality and child sexual abuse material.

Renowned crocodile expert abused dogs

According to prosecutors in an Australian court case against Britton, the 51-year-old zoologist has a “sadistic sexual interest” that dates back to at least 2014. To satisfy his perverse urges, Britton abused his own pets as well as dogs desperate pet parents gave to him. Additionally, Britton filmed the torture of the dogs, posting the videos online.

Britton sourced his victims from an online marketplace platform called Gumtree Australia. There, he found pet parents reluctantly surrendering their fur babies because of work or travel conflicts. He convinced these pet parents to give him custody of their dogs.

Occasionally, the previous pet parents contacted Britton for updates. He would send the pet parents old photos of the dogs and spin stories about how they were doing.

Unfortunately, the truth was that he would transport the pets to a shipping container on his property. Inside was a “torture room” where Britton recorded the abuse he inflicted on the pets. Then, he shared the footage online under fake names. He also sourced child sexual abuse material online as well.

Prosecution presents dog abuse case before judge

Eventually, one of Britton’s vile videos made its way into the hands of Northern Territory police. Authorities arrested Britton in April 2022. In the 18 months prior to the arrest, Britton tortured 42 dogs. In total, 39 dogs died as a result.

The details of Britton’s heinous crimes came out at a hearing in the Northern Territory Supreme Court on Monday. Before prosecutors presented their case, the judge warned people in the courtroom that the facts were “grotesque” and might cause “nervous shock.” He excused junior court officials and security officers from the courtroom.  

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for December. Until then, Britton remains in custody.


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