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Britain’s Loneliest Dog Looking for a Home This Christmas

A dog in Britain is looking to find his forever home this Christmas after spending more than 600 days in kennels, according to the Daily Mail. Zeke, a 9-year-old crossbreed dog, arrived at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in April 2022 and lived at the Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester for a year. With no pet owners expressing any interest in adopting him, Zeke was later moved to another center in Bawtry, South Yorkshire.

Senior dog may spend second Christmas in shelter

Staff at the center are worried the dog may end up spending his second Christmas with them. RSPCA team leader Daniel Cartwright admitted he doesn’t know why the canine hasn’t found a home yet. Cartwright described Zeke as “a sweet, older gentleman” who loves “fuss and affection.” He added that the canine “thoroughly enjoys going out on walks, playing with his toys and eating treats.”

Cartwright further shared that one of the reasons why Zeke hasn’t found any adopter yet could be his age. Moreover, people have been “thinking more carefully” about adopting pets “in the current financial climate.”

He also noted that two of the charity’s longtime residents, who were moved to Woodside Animal Center along with Zeke, have found new homes. “Everyone here hopes Zeke will find a much-deserved home in his golden years.”

According to his caretakers, Zeke prefers a “laid-back” home where he’s the only dog and where only children above the age of 16 live. Potential pet parents looking to adopt the canine can submit an application form online.

Last month, the organization put up a post on Facebook wherein they shared details about the pup. “Zeke has been with us for 215 days after spending over a year at a different centre prior,” the post reads in part. Continuing, it adds, “And no one can quite understand why.”

They wrote that Zeke, who’s been “a very good boy this year,” is looking for a “loving family” this Christmas. “We want to be able to grant his wish this year,” the center wrote. “It’s the least we could do for him after how good he has been.”

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