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Bret Michaels Adopts Rescue Dog Named After Him


Poison frontman Bret Michaels adopted a rescue dog named, appropriately, Bret Michaels! The rocker was inspired by the 6-year-old Husky, who donated blood to a kitten and saved his life.

Dog named after Bret Michaels donates blood to sick kitten

According to People, a kitten was suffering from flea anemia at the Nebraska Humane Society. The kitten arrived with two other feline friends as a stray. The fur babies were cold and dirty upon arrival. They were also covered in fleas. However, even after receiving care, one kitten was “a little bit off” and was “wobbly, weak and lethargic,” according to a Facebook post by the shelter.

Staff determined that the kitten needed a blood transfusion. But time was of the essence. Waiting to test another cat would take too long. Since the Husky recently had bloodwork, the shelter identified the dog as a match. Then, a blood transfusion took place between the two animals.

Rocker adopts namesake Husky

Following the transfusion, the kitten improved. The shelter shared the story on social media.

Somehow, the story made its way to the human Bret Michaels. He contacted the Nebraska Humane Society. One thing led to another, and he adopted the namesake pup.

“I could not have been more touched and more honored to adopt Bret Michaels the Husky, knowing that he gave blood to save the life of a kitten,” the musician told People in an exclusive statement. “I could not work fast enough to adopt this Husky and extend the awesome quality of little Bret Jr.’s life.”

Michaels is an experienced – and perhaps grieving – dog parent. Earlier this year, his 14-year-old German Shepherd, Phoenix, passed away.

“This story brought a smile back into my family’s life,” Michaels told People. “I work diligently with my family and many people to save and improve the lives of many pets.”

Bret Jr. is now settling in at home with the Michaels family. He joins two other rescue dogs, Nova and Draco, both shepherds.


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